Vital Focus LLC brings you an exclusive line of clinically demonstrated All Natural Nutritional Supplements and Functional Beverages. Our mission is to generate health for all ages by honoring the healing nature provides. We use the highest quality active ingredients that have been clinically studied and shown to be safe and effective in RCT (Random Controlled Tests). Our distinct line of products is specially formulated to fit health for all: children, athletes, men and women. From formulation to finished product, Vital Nature LLC employs the finest Bio-Physical Organic Chemists and Ph.D. formulators who are extracting nature and pushing science to the next level of innovation.

Vital Focus has an exclusive line of health products which feature Vital Focus and Vital Focus For Kids. Each supplement contains enriched EPA and DHA, two essential fatty acids (EFAs) that have been clinically shown to enhance cognitive function, learning, concentration and mood. Extensive research demonstrates EPA and DHA are vital nutrients for brain growth and development during fetal, infancy and adult phases.

Future products include: Vital Energy/Vital Energetico for peak performance and recovery, Vital Beauty for skin rejuvenation and inner radiance, and Vital Slim for healthy weight management. Vital Grace to support women’s Menopausal conditions along with supporting Proper Hydration State that will promote Aging Youthfully.

Vital Focus is passionate about our environment and utilizes manufacturers, packaging, labels and fulfillment centers that are Eco-friendly and GREEN.