Long ago, my high school writing teacher inspired the phrase "Frog This". Whenever anyone really liked what they read, they would scribble the word "Frog!" on the paper. It was the ultimate compliment. I love to create clean, frog worthy websites. I specialize in front-end web design (XHTML/CSS/PHP), but I can also create customized Wordpress themes and marketing collateral for your small business.


About Me

Frog This Designs is the brainchild of Kimberly Hair, a web design guru with an unhealthy addiction to the internet.

I love tinkering with CSS and coding sites from scratch. My first foray into web design began as a wee lass in high school, when animated gifs and banners were in style. (Aren't we glad that era is over?) In 2007, I completed a web design program at the University of Washington. I have worked as a contractor on several sites and tutored dozens of students in Wordpress since then.